Plastic and other valuable chemical products

Everyone talks much about how oil will be replaced by renewable sources such as solar, wind, etc, but they all forget oil also produces MATERIALS such as plastic, paints, etc. And those same sources can do nothing about it! The EUnergyCane variety will be the main source of sugars and other molecules which will be the basis of many plastic and chemicals. For example, the most produced plastic in the world today is polyethylene, and it comes from the most produced chemical product: ethylene. Which is surprisingly easy to produce from ethanol. Which wil come from this the sugars and cellulose of the EUnergyCane variety.
In fact, the technology has been around since 1920, and is now becoming price compatible with oil-based plastics, as you can see in this article by MIT Review (click here). And it is already a reality, as Pantene, the brand of haircare products run by Proctor and Gamble, is already shipping its first plant-based plastic containers to stores in Western Europe since 2011, as the picture shows.