Alkol Biotech


Alkol Biotech is a research company focused on the development of new plant varieties adapted to the needs of specific biofuel markets.

The company adapts plant varities to grow in colder and drier climates, offering better resistance to pests and diseases, and higher productivities.

This allows the development of healthy biofuel markets in countries which otherwise have to import biomass in order to produce biofuels sustainably.

Bruno Sobral
CSO - Chief Science Officer
Tel:(+44) 020 3475 8387
London BioScience Innovation Centre
2 Royal College Street, Greater London NW1 0NH

Foro Ventures

Foro Ventures is Zurich-based counseling Private Equity investors in their review and assessment of projects prior to investing, it also performs Valuations on companies and projects, as well as R&D management assignments, including Portfolio Management and decision making assignments.

Jean-Louis Roux Dit Buisson
Im Leisibuhl 5
8044 Gockhausen
Tel: +41 43 355 04 40


BTCL - Biotech Consultants

BTCL has a vastly experienced team in developing technologies to convert biomass to value added products. BTCL team members are among the first few people in the UK who took part in developing the technologies for the conversion of hemicellulosic based sugars into ethanol using thermophilic microorganisms, which grow at high temperatures.

Dr. Namdar Baghaei-Yazdi
Managing Director
263 Frimley Green Road Camberley GU16 6LD
Tel: +7962 387925


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