Membership Types

Full Member

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A Full Member is one which is entitled to be included in the patent and all scientific papers published on the variety developed. This, because it is making a direct contribution with either expertise on DNA, sugarcane, and energy canes in general, or because it is offering free laboratory and research space. Please NOTE that research and lab centers which are not directly related to DNA research are NOT eligible here.

Because of that, the full member is not required to make a financial contribution, since it is contributing directly and positively in the project.

Associate Member

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An associate member is one which is not entitled to be part of either the patent nor the scientific papers published on the variety created. It is meant to companies, research centers, universities, NGO's, etc which cannot make a direct contribution to the project due to their lack of proven expertise on the technologies involved, namely DNA, sugarcane, and energy canes.

Still, the associate member can participate in all steps of the research and development, receive confidential douments regarding the technologies used, and thus learn quite a good deal on technlogies still largely unknown in Europe.

To this end, the associate member is expected to contribute financially to the project. The size of the contribution depends on the size of the company: the fee for SME's is EUR 3000, and for large companies ranges from EUR 20.000 to 100.000 depending on their involvement and expectations.

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Membership was open until March 2015 and now the consortium is complete. Thank you for your interest.